[Vwdiesel] High fuel mileage

Harmon Seaver hseaver at cybershamanix.com
Mon Mar 8 19:00:48 EST 2004

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 03:39:26PM -0500, LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:


>   Anyway, one feller had what must've been a brand, spanking new Dodge 
> pickup (300 hp Cummins).  He was running biodiesel and said most people 
> see about 20 mpg but he was getting 40mpg!!!!  He didn't say why but let 
> you assume, or implied it was from running biodiesel.  I sure don't believe 
> biodiesel will do that kind of increase, if any to speak of.  The best liars 
> I've heard on the Dodge's only claim to make about 25 consistently.
>      Loren
> ____

    You would possibly get a bit more mpg, not anything like double, because of
the higher cetane rating of the biodiesel. In fact, if you're burning it all the
time, the recommendation is to retard the timing a bit. 

Harmon Seaver	

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