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Diesels will run on Ethanol or Methanol with some modifications.   Buuut.
there is a price to be paid.  Extremely reduced lubricity and other
LA County MTA  ran 6V92 Detroit Diesel engines in thier1992 TMC/RTS Coaches
on alcohol of one flavor or another for quite some time.
@30k between blowing them up was long mileage some ran 5-10k....
At $25,000 per engine plus the overtime for the mechanics replacing them and
the dead buses on the street it wasn't cost effective or good PR.
It took them 8 years to determine that though.  Unfortunately it wasn't just
the Peoples Republic of California that paid for this little experiment.
Plenty of Federal $ were dumped into it as well.

BTW if you are in LA look for 12xx 13xx and 14xx RTS coaches NONE of these
sport the cute Blue alcohol fueled stickers anymore they are all DDEC IV
2-stroke 6v92 Detroits belching black smoke.

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>  No, I think you have it figured out right on there. So how about adding
>ethanol to the fuel -- would that help?

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