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Nate Wall natewall1 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 9 08:49:59 EST 2004

I have the exact same car, except mine has no power
steering ('85 Jetta TD). Over its life its gotten a
consistient 47 MPG combined and gets about 51 MPG on
the highway, as calculated. Highest ever recorded was
56 traveling non-stop at about 50 - 55 MPH on a warm
sunny day for about 400 miles, lowest in the dead of a
snowy winter was about 44. Its has about a 2 -3%
odometer error (records more miles than traveled), so
true MPG is about 1.5 MPG less than this. I DO limit
my speed to about 60 MPH on the highway. Traveling at
80 MPH will drastically reduce mileage. Injection
timing is set at 1.03 MM plunger stroke at TDC, valve
timing is dead on, and tire pressure is maintained at
32 psi front, 30 rear. Stops (lights) are anticipated
and braking very light and I tend to fully load the
engine in the lower RPM ranges, with out really
lugging the engine (I now think this wears the bores,
because on teardown at 200 K miles, the ridges in the
cylinders were very pronounced). Perhaps I should wind
it out a bit more.

--- HWY9FERGS at cs.com wrote:
> Hi, My name is Doug Ferguson, I'm a mechanic,
> currently working on light rail 
> vehicles in San Jose, CA.  Lucked into an 85 Jetta
> turbo diesel with a new 
> factory replacement engine. It has power steering
> and air conditioning hung on 
> the front of it, and the driveline and 5 spd trans
> is in excellent shape.  The 
> question I have is, what kind of mileage do you get
> with these?  I sometimes 
> see people claiming 45 mpg (I know TDI's do better
> than that), But with this 
> one, I've never even gotten quite 40. On a loaded up
> trip along Interstate 5, 
> 80mph, AC on, I got 35 mpg.  Does California have a
> different formulation for 
> their diesel? That's one thing I've heard, but don't
> know whether to believe it. 
> As for the tuning, I have it about as close as can
> be reasonably expected.  
> The pump was calibrated shortly after I got the car
> (had to be resealed).  The 
> turbo was rebuilt probably when the engine was
> replaced. The speedo was 
> replaced at that time and now shows 80000.  Any one
> ever heard of polishing the 
> compressor blades in the turbo?  I know that can
> make a BIG efficiency difference 
> in jet engines.  Well anyway, I can live with the
> mileage, even with diesel up 
> around 2.00 bucks a gal.  But any input from fellow
> vw diesel heads would be 
> greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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