[Vwdiesel] cleaning crusty parts --- ( Sandy you bet hager is listening )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Mar 11 21:56:30 EST 2004

Doing like Scott Kair said  ---a tumbler  ---works like a charm . So it may
take a week ??? so what.

The best for small parts is  --- that black stuff from the smelter.  and a
small slow turning machine.  I have done thousands of bolts and what not
over the years. 
I had to get rid of a lot of wine bottle some years ago --so I thew them in 
a cement mixer --- along with rusty tire chains ---absolutely perfect job.
Mind you my mixer has a heavy duty drum and it is electric.  I have one
tumbler going right now in front of me--- it did all the little screws and washer from
4 Rabbits.  I used a " Sly-Syn" 110 motor --bolting a piece of aluminum angle to
the shaft  Then using plastic or glass container strapped on with innertube bands.
For tumbling ??? use your imagination  ---ordinary sand will work.  I had screws that took
a week 24 - 7  to do  ----so what ?      Take a look at how the ROCK polishers do it and
bingo you know exactly what to do.    By the way I do valves and springs and
heatshields and what not .  Just make sure things are dry. Like soak in solvent

I tumble  with glass beads ---sandblasting grit ---broken glass---    sand  ---  yes even
cob of corn husk.   And  limedust ---shit I can go on all night.   
The gun guys use a  different action for their empty shells for reloading ---it oscillates.


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