[Vwdiesel] Update on Pickup

Hayden Chasteen dieseltdi at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 14 20:59:12 EST 2004

Just thought that a quick up date might be in order on my pickup.  
After several days of deteriorating starting, I finally had a chance to 
check the timing.  I found that the front center hold down bolt (the 
one behind the pulley) had broken.  I found the nut and the front half 
of the bolt inside the pulley just rolling around.  Anyway, I had 
another of those bolt/bracket thingies (a very mechanical and 
scientific term!) so I replaced it and reset the timing to just a tad 
above 1.00.  Starts right up now with no problems.  I have also been 
fighting a persistent water leak in the front window.  I tried all 
kinds of things but I finally decided that my best bet is to remove and 
then replace the windshield seal again.  I bought another seal and a 
tube of butyl rubber sealant from a guy on ebay so tomorrow evening I 
hope to make the swap.  I intend to cut through the current seal with a 
utility knife before trying to remove the glass.  I have seen windows 
shattered by too hard of pushing.  That being said, which part of the 
window do y'all (or you guys, or youse guys for that matter) so you 
start the installation on.  I always use the soapy cord in the groove 
trick to set the trim inside the window but I was wondering is it best 
to pull in the top of the window or the bottom of the window first?  
Any input would be helpful.  Other than that the truck is running 
great.  I know have 4 new tires and a new alignment and it drives 
straight and smooth down the road.
BTW I have a bunch of parts left over from my disassembly of the other 
pickup.  Some of the things but not all of them are:  set of license 
plate lights and holders that work, fresh air fan, fan resistor for non 
AC, headlight assemblies, hood release cable and the hood release/catch 
mechanism, both doors with fixed quarters and door glass, hood, and a 
bunch of other stuff.  If you need something, send me an email off list 
and I will see if I have it.  Prices will be fair (although I bet those 
license lights would bring a bundle on ebay!) so make a request and 
make an offer. Hayden

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