[Vwdiesel] 1.9TD (AAZ) timing belt tension

Paul Salanki psalanki at amtelecom.net
Tue Mar 16 13:52:21 EST 2004

New to the list...  I've a question about setting the timing belt tension on
a 1.9TD (AAZ engine).  Bentley talks about the special VW210 tension
measuring tool.  I've done enough timing belts using the quarter turn twist
method (which is a bit subjective) but this is a first for one of these
diesels.  I'd rather not shell out the $150 for the tension tool if I can
get a sense of what the 12-13 index marks spec using that tool compares to
in terms of some measurable force vs. deflection of the belt between the
pump and cam pulleys (1st choice) or how it compares to the  quarter turn
twist method (2nd choice).  Anybody out that could add some insight?  Many
thanks.  Paul

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