[Vwdiesel] gas truck to 1.9td project finally drawing to a close..

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Wed Mar 17 22:13:40 EST 2004

One multiple question if you will...
Finally getting the 1.9td into gasser truckie project finished and I have
one small obstacle.
Had the fire lit today, sounds nice with no exhaust system on, turbo really
howls :-)
I am totally without a wiring diagram for a gas truck.  Everything else from
diesel truckie to Passat, but no gasser truck diagram... so...
The hitch is the alternator- a motorola, which is now a Bosch 90amp due to
bracketry- had to use the A2 setup. The wiring is different, and I've never
done a Motorola to Bosch swap before... and I've never had a motorola apart
before either to see what is what.
The wires are two largeish red, one blue all  terminated at the alt plug,
and one small red one by itself. Big red ones I assume are to power- is this
via a load reduction relay, or what?  No power at them at present- or chase
some popped fusible links?
 The blue one is for I'm assuming the dynamic oil pressure sensor system-
when I power it, the oil pressure buzzer goes off with the key on, so I
assume it is to let the module know when the engine is on or off by voltage
from the alternator.  This right?  With a bosch, is there a quick and dirty
way to control the power to the dynamic module? relay controlled by what
exactly...? hmm...

small red wire is.... alt light?
These questions and probably more...

there's a whole mess of purple and green ones that used to be for the
transmission, terminate at the trans plug. I used the backup light ones, but
guesses on the function of the rest?

Many thanks

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