[Vwdiesel] gas truck to 1.9td project finally drawing to a close.. ---( hagars little bit )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Mar 18 12:01:41 EST 2004

James Hansen  --   I feel for you .    VW wiring ?  PIA PIA and more PIA.

I almost need a morphine injection to get down under that dash.

Here is a bit about Alternators versus Generators.   Due to residual
magnetism in iron core the generators will start up from NO voltage
on battery. Alternators are different -- they need to be "primed" from
a voltage source , to get going.Many alternators use a small connection
for a wire powered from battery.This information is important for diesels.
VW diesels (Rabbit 1980 to 1984) can be run by removing plunger from
shut off valve --- and started by pushing. But to get the alternator working
we need a short prime.

I think it is time to "draft"   Charlie Brown  ( Roger Brown )   

B+  to us hams mean Anode Voltage but to diesel wizards it may mean Battery +.
D+  in Bentley means Indicator light on dash.

I know jack about a VW gas jobbie  , but I know more than too much about
the lousy VW wiring on older diesels. BUT lets not give up ---hit the diagrams and the
BUZZERS --that's right  ----the process is known as ringing out wires.
If we need a wire from say shut off valve to dash ---simply pick any wire in the harness
that is not used. Then wire by wire connection by connection . Here is how I do it :

I get a loud buzzer (out of stock)  a battery (out of stock) two long wires (out of stock)
ah what the hell you all know what I mean. Clips and very sharp needles on end
 of wires. Remember there is somewhere around 45 wires to steering column alone.
So when you go to the beerstore get an extra case ---maybe son in law --the
electrician will show up.

For newbies ---  not to worry about all those extra wires under the hood. The
Germans are a high tech culture so they put in lots of wires for sensors and switches
not needed everywhere.--OR on every model.

To go from a  say 50 Amp Alternator to a 90Amp  requires a good look at 
wire gauges and connections. I hope your 90 has a stud for bolting on a
ring lug.  Load shedding relay  and electrical system in general dos not
care what size alternator is used. As you can understand the battery is what
runs the system --and alternator tops up battery.   So you want to run home
on alternator alone ????  do not do it.More on that some other time.

Big red ones I assume are to power- is this
via a load reduction relay, or what?   My answer is NO but lets wait for
Charlie Brown to log in.  


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