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Reminds me of my submarine days.

The electrical power plant consisted of 2MW turbine generators, 1.2MW
emergency diesel generator, 600KW motor generators, and a 10,000A/Hr
250V battery.

We had it easy. We had a synchronizer meter. It showed the running phase
difference between two machines. We ran the incoming machine a bit
faster than the running machine. The meter would run very slowly
clockwise. When the meter was at "11:00", clunk! we shut the breaker.

CPO US Navy (Ret)

On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 15:35, H.Hagar wrote:
> As I have said many times ---- it makes no sense moneywise
> in some states.      Economics of scale.  But do dreamers and
> inventors listen ???   ---- I should hope not.
> So I ask all of you to let us know later , after you got paid to let us know.
> If two "Generators" has to be paralleled  ---- known as synchronizing ---- you
> must know how to do that. .   Procedure is simple --- use a lamp to show that
> frequency and phase is correct ---then close breaker.
> If you try to close out of phase ---grand coulee will try to adjust your VW --and
> let me tell you you ain't going to do any adjusting of coulee to write home
> about.    Flash goggles are good idea for the first try.
> The lamp will tell you when to close the breaker  ---so you hand regulate the speed
> to get things lined up.Then close breaker.
> If you close the breaker when Coulee is 240 V +  and your alternator is putting
> out 240V ---      ie.   180  out of phase     --- you better have good fuses.
> A coulee generator has a zero droop governor --- a VW has a lots of droop
> governor ( a VW would be difficult to drive with no droop).
> So as a stand alone system you will need a different governor.  However if
> you hang on to the hydro grid ---- your speed will be regulated by the grid.
> That calls for a fast trip breaker if Coulee starts driving the VW  (out of fuel etc).
> So what do you see on lamp ???    it will blink on and off according to beat frequency
> between coulee and you.  when steady lit or off close the breaker.Hook the light
> up to be fail safe.
> Have I synchronized big machines using lamps ??? bets you sweet butt ---
> but that was way back when I chummed around with Edison and Tesla.
> Now synchro relays and synchosopes are cheap.
> Sure is fun.           Hagar.
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