[Vwdiesel] air intake... :o)

cass iscass at shaw.ca
Sun Mar 21 01:54:19 EST 2004

yes ,it was a busy day!!  :o)

now that i have this newer intake on my older jetta..
(older ones had kinda 'trumpet/pipe' air intake..this one was originally 
breathed..via flexible hose..to a 
hole in the inside.engine comp..fender, i dont have that hole.. ::looks::  nope. :o)  )
id like to put the air intake to the passenger side of the rad.
close to the grill..
my question is........
(is the anticipation killing you?????)

  will i have to worry bout water entering the intake?
the car is on the wet coast....(b.c.)
so we get lotsa rain..
but im thinking as long as im not blasting through deep puddles(some people call them lakes)
that this would be ok????

ok..thankyou for any input..


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