[Vwdiesel] wires.

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Sun Mar 21 10:45:29 EST 2004

At 10:33 PM 3/20/04 -0800, you wrote:
>hi kids. :o)
>getting jetta built~!!!
>(what can go wrong... HAS!!!)
>this time i labeled ALL the wires..such a long arduous job ;o)
>anyway..there was a break fluid spill/(explosion?) and all my (three)
labels smudged.. :o/
>note::::the 'pressure gage' improvement on brake bleeders is a good ideal!!
>ive got' blue ,black stripe as oil pressure..
>blue /white stripe as engine temp..
>need to know  what yellow red stripe is ... ;o/  please..
>and if other two are right. :o),

Bentley sez...

Oil P, filter sensor, YELLOW
Oil P, end of head sensor, BLU/BLK
Glowplug temp sens, end of head, heater hose connector,BLU/WHT
Coolant temp gage sens, , front of head rad hose, YEL/RED


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