[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 52 a -- ( Cool things for your Rabbit )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Mar 21 13:04:17 EST 2004

continued from # 52 :

So there I was with a 1982 Rabbit 1.6L NA  that gave up smoking , cold Turkey.

She was smoking from the day I got it , and I did not dare touch anything
injection. Besides so many other things to do , too many to mention.

So I asked here why the improvement ?  --- that startling.?  Could it be that the
lube was high cetane ? sealed the rings ?  freed the rings ? or what.

Did not get an answer so I slugged on. And finally in the middle of the night ,
"could it be the increase in viscosity?"    BINGO.

Turned out it was a timing problem. The worn vane pump wanes were unable to
pump the crappy thin fuel , to achieve the pressure needed to move timing
ring ( roller assembly ) and therefore not able to advance timing at higher RPM's.

The best way to check if yours smoke for that reason ?  a gauge test of
internal pump pressure.
But  a Hillbilly test you can do any time works.------ feel the cold start cam.
Take the cable off ---and put your hand down there and turn lever. In no
time you will be able to feel the cam hitting piston. Then do it at different
RPM's starting at Zero. A rough test can be done using the knob.As RPM is
increased , there is a point where the piston can not be felt.Take note.The lower the
RPM required to move piston ---the better. There is quite a range.If piston does
not move free of cam by 2000 RPM then do a pressure test.
Nothing beats a gauge test --- Remember the moke testing to get license?  Think
about it. Test is fast and easy to do.  However I still like the feel way .
How to measure a mans TOOL ????    a feeler gauge.(Louanne sits on it)


PS: smoke ? you say , why not drive with the cold knob out ?  and I say sure.
no harm.if it helps. There are things affected by viscosity , other than the vanes
More on that next time. 

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