[Vwdiesel] Whodunit?

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Sun Mar 21 18:29:28 EST 2004

> One of the main reasons for gas guzzlers is artificially depressed gasoline
> pump prices. If they had to pay what the rest of the world pays, SUVs would
> quickly become extinct like their distant ancestors.

  I don't think there are any (or at least many) of this list's members that 
believe in the "we should pay more taxes on gas" theory but...
  The biggest reason THIS country NEEDS lower prices than Europe, 
(not that they need or deserve high fuel prices) is the large expanse this 
country covers.  If we start paying upwards of $5/gallon, interstate commerce 

will suffer HEAVILY due to the increased cost of transportation.  The 
country is set up on one place manufacturing products then distributing it 
all over the nation by the use of fuel.  Either the cost of doing business 
would have to dramatically increase, wages would have to dramatically 
increase to cover it, more, smaller manufacturing facilities would have 
to be built.  All of which leads to high overall inflation, recession and a 
big step back in the way of life most of us are used to or enjoy, or some 
combination of all those factors or more.
  If someone wants to pay more tax, there's a line on the 1040 for that 
without mandating everyone else pay as well.  I think all of us would 
prefer to see less fuel wasted in inefficient combustion engines but 
government taxation is the WORST way to do it.  At least if the oil 
companies simply make a higher profit, there is more money available 
to them for investment, wages, development, etc.  WIth more money 
going to the government, it simply grows government (or complicatedly) 
which doesn't shrink, and keeps demanding more and more tax money. 
  Agreed that when the general motoring public in this country starts 
driving diesels, it'll give them a bad name, most likely, but that won't 
change the way we feel about them.  Hopefully they don't catch (again) 
to the point that oil and government take too big an interest in them 
again.  The last time that happened, the price of diesel went from about 
half that of regular to a bit more.  :(
  Also, always remember that there is more crude used to run planes, 
trucks, trains, ships, make clothing, electricity, carpet, plastics, the 
interior of our cars, etc, than is used to run the motoring public's 

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