[Vwdiesel] Whodunit?

Dana Morphew kadm at pugetsound.net
Mon Mar 22 15:07:06 EST 2004

There are many who choose to ignore the warnings given by increasing 
numbers of scientists whose only agenda is to learn.  It is an easy role to 
remain skeptical or adopt a fatalist attitude toward the implications of what 

scientists have been warning of and requires no alteration of lifestyle. 

No one denys climate change is an ongoing phenomena.  I think the evidence 
is pointing to the recent  (within the last 150 years) behavior of humankind 
having an affect on climatic change.  Until or if the government mandates 
changes (fat chance) in the manner of our energy use, we will stay the 

We are running an experiment here on Earth, and all we have to help us peer 
into the future is what we can learn through experimentation, observation, 
research.  In any experiment, different results come about by making a change 

or changes to the parameters of the experiment.  The laws of physics aren't 
changed, but the end result will likely be new.   We make our best estimate, 
we can't be 100% sure that what is implied will actually happen.  There is no 

certainty.  It is an 'odds game'.

Anyway...it is a fun subject.  I think the coming years are going to be 
interesting on many fronts.

>   Thing is, as arrogant as we care to be, we haven't harnessed the capability 
> to change the weather nor global climate regardless of the claims of the
> greehouse effect crowd nor the ozone depletionists.  
> The climate on the Earth
> has changed dramatically and will continue to do so with the tilt it's in and
> changes in the sun.  We have NO control over it.  We will have to deal with it
> when it comes up.  All the caution in the world will not change the laws of
> physics.
>      Loren

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