[Vwdiesel] Whodunit? ---- ( ah what the hell can't leave this one alone )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Mar 22 17:54:00 EST 2004

I do not fit in to any of the two camps represented here  ,  the links
were interesting reading --- I say.

Being older and having seen things from both sides now ---from up and down
and still somehow ---I really don't know clouds at all.

Had an interesting comment from a man in Denmark yesterday ---told him
I was burning leaves and branches from winter storms.  --- that's ok says he ,
that's carbon neutral sez he.---- ????? not so fast comrade .Right but not
burning is carbon uptake.
The same man worked in a CO2 plant --- they burn oil to make CO2 for fire bottles etc.
News to me.    Anyhow is it time to take a good look at CO2 in atmosphere ?
I say we should do it now -------look at CHINA  INDIA  RUSSIA if we do not
care ----   why should they ?.    Kyoto is a good start. , or should I say start.

Go look at some of the places where regulators failed us  in the past.
Sudbury Ont.   Black Forest Germany      Rivers all over the place lakes ,
even the ocean was not big enough as a garbage dump. Mustard gas
in Baltic comes to mind.

So what would Hagar do if he was allowed to use his magic wand from
Hogsworts ? ---he would turn all those Hummers in to VW diesel Kampfwagens.
But seriously are we going to be so uncaring and selfish ---and use excess of 
fossil fuels frivolously  without regard for the next generations ???.
In war time there is NO problem rationing scarce items.

Lets declare war on un necessary use of fuel ----- Vacation in Hawaii   by ship .
More use of trains coast to coast instead of all those trucks.
A lower living standard is ahead if we don't start thinking about energy now.

My best guess is that we will start to use nukes and hydrogen  in say 50 years
because we have to (I am out).   Why was scanderhoovia plundered of trees
in the Napoleon era ?   Warships and Gunpowder. Took a long time to recover.
Are we smarter today ? does not look like it.  
The Danes Norwegians and Swedes are smarter.  Denmark met its Kyoto target
last time. Very few countries did.   Japan is smart. Canada was smart but is failing
right now.

Whodunit?    ???  NOT HAGAR.  sorry.

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