[Vwdiesel] Why is Hagar here ? and Who is HE ?. --( this is a reprint from april 2003 )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Mar 22 20:41:44 EST 2004

Horrible Hagar is here for selfish reasons --to get a Rabbit "Well"  withou=
t undue cost.(1980 NA).
And who is HE ?  ----a fictional person  --to use as a shield against the "=
I"  virus. --for the writer.
The writer having worked with "Egomaniacs" for many years---who took credit=
 , like "I did I said"--- the fact was , they took credit for a team effort=
.Hagar  set out to never take credit for someone else's good ideas.- If you=
 do Not like to be recognized for your Inventions and accomplishments ---th=
at  would be a strange person in Hagars books.He is also multilingual (flun=
ked English in 1951or about)---in Copenhagen Denmark .Mein Kampf and VW die=
sels ??? a link --bet your sweet ass.Hagar read every word of Mein K  and t=
he Bible  and many other important works.Like the UN charter.   Army Navy a=
nd Airforce (NATO)  --rounded out a GOOD education.Now past 70 his Rabbits =
are running the last few laps---darn it.

Ps:   Your eye doctor does not correct "I" problems.                       =
         The broken writing ? ---Idiot Savant


At the time I took a lot of AAA for my goofy writing style.  I often jump ahead
thinking you guys can fill in the spaces --no problem.
If this was a place of total beginners --- I would finish every line of thought , maybe
that would be an Idea anyway ???
Here is a sample :  I state something about Valves  --------- then Cylinders -------
I did have one member offer to teach me the correct way.   But then I would
not enjoy writing ?   ----- stay the course.

One thing for sure certain Hillbilly procedures will be condensed and written
as a proper instruction manual.

If I helped but one or two newbies with something worthwhile ------I will die happy.


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