[Vwdiesel] Vacuum Pump problems

cass iscass at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 23 18:59:26 EST 2004

um..could you send this to me also..as i had just re-built
my vacuum pump and now* im* not sure if i did it properly... :o(
also..may as well ask..
what are the symptoms when the vac pump fails?
(i re-built it cause i had it out..and had to clean it anyways...)
anyone rebuild one with out taking the shaft thing apart to tension it and have it be fine?
(hopeful question) :o)


  At 10:59 AM 3/23/04 -0700, you wrote:
  >Hey guys.  More on the vacuum pump rebuild problem.  I _think_ my second
  >replacement shredded a few hours after I installed it, and that's after
  >taking Sandy's advice and 'pre-tensioning' it. 

  I have the overhaul proceedure here in a haynes manual.
  too much 2 finger typing...I will scan and email it directly to you. hope
  you have something to deal with the j-pegs.

  Even allowing for the full normal movement of the pushrod is not enough.

  The following action is essential to prevent early self-destruct.
  You must go in throught the top of the pump and remove the circlip, push the
  eccentric shaft down through the pushrod until it disengages, then pry the
  pushrod toward the diaphragm side of the pump body until it hits end of
  travel, and hold it there while you tighten the screws. 

  Only then can you release the pushrod and reassemble.

  The pushrod nut is supposed to be torqued, and apply thread lock, as it will
  work loose if you don't 
  The torque spec is not given, but tighten gently to avoid deforming the

  The molded bulged part of the diaphragm is supposed to be toward the valve
  plate half of the body.

  Jpegs follow.


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