[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 55a - - ( Bodypanels are available ).

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Mar 24 12:26:57 EST 2004

continued from # 55 .

This morning I got an email from   AutoNordic ApS. 

Hej Svend,

Veng gik konkurs forrige år.

Vi får varer fra Klokkerholm og her i Køge er vi kun tre personer

Med venlig hilsen

Søren Olesen

His name is Søren  VENG  Olesen.

Like any good gold prospector ----I follow the colors up the creek
looking for the "MOTHER LODE"   ---and I found it.

The mechanic was doing a bunch of rusted out TOWERS.  He used
to get nifty repair stampings from -(Bow Wow ?) who was selling the Danish
made beauties.  At the web page of Bow Wow is "VENG" front and center.
"VENG" went broke 2 years ago. So the mechanic got hold of me to find out
what happened --since he could no longer get them from his supplier.

The mother lode is still there , and it looks to me like you can make a complete
Rabbit if you are a good welder.

Whitney is a good source --but when I checked they very shy of parts for Rabbits.

I have an empty warehouse with loading ramps sitting here doing nothing.So maybe
a small container from Denmark with VW panels ----is a possibility.

On my way for the mother lode I came across an address (NO SHIT)

Rudolf Diesel Strasse    --- WOW.

The technical specifications look impressive ---this is no HILBILLY outfit.

Let me say that I am retired ---and I do not do anything here for commercial

The outfit in Køge Denmark is a sales outlet only . (3 emplyees) But
the mother of all panels --factory ---is located in northern Jutland Denmark.
The MOAP ---not MOAB.

So where do the Germans get their panels ?   a lot of them from the mother lode.

Scott Kair  when you engage that salt spreader do you have any feelings for
Rabbits ????.

Nuff for this time.


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