[Vwdiesel] Rabbit Vacuum pump overhaul (not for A2s)

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Wed Mar 24 12:33:47 EST 2004

Verbatim from Haynes #451, VW diesel Rabbit, 1977 through 1984
My editorial comments in [square brackets]
A2 pumps are vane pumps and do not have a diaphragm.

20 Vacuum Pump Overhaul

1. Obtain a vacuum pump repair kit before dismantling the pump. Refer to
Fig. 6. 15.
2. Make an alignment mark on both parts of the pump body to ensure that they
can be reassembled in their original position Undo the eight securing bolts
and separate the top section from the lower part of the body.
3. Undo the diaphragm assembly securing nut and remove the diaphragm and its
backing plates. Remove the O-ring.
4. Undo the four securing screws and remove the end plate and gasket.
5. [Optional} Remove the two securing screws and remove the cover plate,
springs, spring seats, valves and washers.
6.Wash all parts in a cleaning solvent and inspect them for wear and
dammage. Examine the diaphragm for deterioration or splits. If in doubt,
renew it. 
7. fit a new O-ring on the pushrod.
8. Fit the diaphraghm and backing plates with the molded part [bulge] of the
diaphragm towards the top part of the body, and the holes in line with the
holes in the pump body.
9. Coat the threads of the diaphragm assembly securing nut with a thread
locking compound. Fit the nut and tighten it to the specified torque. [not
10. Assemble the top part loosely to the main body.
11. Working through the endplate opening remove the circlip, arrowed in fig.
6.14 from the driveshaft, the push the shaft back until the pushrod is free
of the driveshaft and the tension is released from the diaphragm.
12. Push the pushrod against the stop in the direction of the arrow in Fig.
6.16 [toward the pump body] and hold it in this position while tightening
the screws securing the top part of the body in a diagonal sequence, a few
threads at a time. [Then] Push the driveshaft into position and fit the
thrust washer and circlip on the end of the shaft.
13. Refit the washers, valves, spring seats, and springs. When fitting the
valves, the spring seats must be towards the housing. Using a new gasket,
refit the valve cover plate.
14. Using a new gasket, refit the pump body endplate.

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