[Vwdiesel] Breather hose to front of block?

Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Thu Mar 25 10:24:49 EST 2004

On 25 Mar 2004 at 9:12, James Hansen <jhsg at sasktel.net> wrote:

> The 1994 1.9td I put in to my pickup has the same arrangment. It looks the
> same to me as the 97 tdi setup. If you look at the bottom picture, another
> hose goes from the round deal on the VC to the intake to feed the oil mist
> driven carbon paste generator er, *ahem* EGR valve.

Interesting... I wonder if such an arrangement helps to reduce the amount of oil mist 
heading toward the intake? If I recall, there is a place on the 1.6 block for this that is 
blocked off.
> Shawn, it was you that needed serpentine bracketry and stuff, right?  Snow
> has melted enough to get to it. lemme know. I have most of the stuff, a few
> pulleys, etc.

No, not me. I'm the one trying to dispose of my old '85 with rusted shock towers... 
maybe if Hagar sets up a shop for body parts, it'll be worth fixing though... Thanks 

Shawn Wright
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