[Vwdiesel] head bolts

cass iscass at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 25 10:54:52 EST 2004

so now the engine is put together (1.6 na) and i am gunna start it this weekend.
(i hope!!)
it has the stretch type head bolts which i have never used.
now..putting them things in ; in the first place ,was an adventure.
as i read the manual..it says..
to warm engine up..then re-torque 1/4 turn..then again at 1000(with valve adjust)
i could barely tighten them the first time!!!
dose the initial heat up make it just a lil easier?
and so on?
i am really fearing this re-torque..
so maybe im weak..
but it seams really really tight..!
is this normal?

thankyou ..

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