[Vwdiesel] Breather hose to front of block?

82 Diesel Westy dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 25 14:09:18 EST 2004

Sandy, now that is a very funny story.  I sure hope I
never experiance one of these "run away" motor events
where the motor runs on its own oil burn.
And you say you had a few of them, better man than me.

Keep that puppy under 85mph.


--- Sandy Cameron <scameron at compmore.net> wrote:
> >> > What interested me was the breather hose that
> goes from the VC to the
> >> > front side of the block. Was this arrangement
> ever used on automotive
> >> > engines? If not, why not? Anyone know?
> Reduced air velocity up the head oil passages.
> One engine ago in my high-mile 87 jetta, I was
> having trouble with excess
> blow-by whistling up through the oil return passages
> to the head, causing
> oil to acumulate in the head until it spilled into
> the breather and over to
> the air induction.
> Can you say RUNNAWAY ! ! !??  ((:^0)
> After a couple of white knuckle episodes on the
> freeway, I redirected the
> breather hose into a gallon jug, and another from
> there to the induction. No
> more runaway/smokescreen generator (man, what that
> would have done for those
> white lightnin' runs)  
> Bonus, puked oil could be poured back into the
> engine occasionally.
> (conservation at work)
> That same car, all new suspension, good tires,
> brakes, etc, and a weed-patch
> salvage TD runs and drives like a Porche, better
> than any time in the last
> 300,000 miles.
> Might even make it back from the moon!
> Sandy
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