[Vwdiesel] Injection timing --(Hillbilly tuning 1980 to 86 Bosch ) a.

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Mar 25 14:31:25 EST 2004

The beauty of HILLBILLY tuning is that it starts from a totally safe
starting point. The roller assembly --rollers are in a valley just starting to
push high pressure piston. (FAILSAFE)   the timing is too retarded for driving.
But it will run.

 James Hansen wrote :
  Now that's when you start from a
know safe specification.  

remember free advice has no warranty.  (does this not apply to all advice in this forum ?)
 Anyway you can all take my word that if I have not done it , I will not tell you to do it.

Further if you read my threads over time ---- I was addressing those wizards (more or less)
that did everything to the letter of the book. And still she smoked and lacked pep.

I can not think of anyone here , who does not know what a happy diesel sounds like.
To compare is easy , go listen to a few in the Wal-Mart parking lot. After I got my 1982
going , I kept noticing Rabbits all over the place. And to a car they all smoked when
we hit those big hills in BC.  Several smokers in Victoria BC.   And gravel trucks ? 
going up that Mallahat  talk about smoke -- yikes. So for many years I took it that
all diesels smoked when loaded right down.   So the fact that my Rabbit smoked was
quite normal .(it was not).

Now it is true , that if you are a power hog  ,  it must produce black smoke at full load.
The smoke is necessary to tell you that it is getting all the fuel it can burn --- plus a

By the way if you want a quiet VW  -- Bosch makes a throttling nozzle , it lets in
the fuel a bit slower and those "Marbles" on the plate gets smaller. Who coined the
marbles on the plate saying ?   man do I like it , wish I had thought of it.Does
anyone know ?.

PS:  I used to hate diesels ---they stink --they are noisy ---they are gutless ---
and they make you stink like a trucker when you go to the Opera.
Shit look at me know , I am obsessed , and I take it as a badge of honor to stink
of diesel fuel when I go shopping.
The meltdown warning will be your Cooling temp.

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