[Vwdiesel] Volvo's with VW diesel engines??

Morrison, Peter Peter.Morrison at Capita.co.uk
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Morning, from this side o' the pond 
Volvo 740 TD see them here lots - mainly the farmers those who know use
them. My brother had one for years - just could not kill the sucker!

His was the estate version - loaded to the gills and run up and down the
motorways @ 70/80 miles per hour In the end he cleaned and serviced it and
gave it to his daughter's fiancé (to buy another VW Caravelle) Still running
sweet as a nut!!

Vanorak, Old n' Bold & lives by the seaside!
1989 VW Caravelle TDi

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VW made 2.4l turbo and N/A inline 6cyl diesel engines for Volvo in the mid
1980's. I've seen 84 to 86? Put thme in 240's and 760TD's. Most used
but have seen some 4spds.
I've heard there's a guy in southern New England who is sitting on 7 or 8 of
THe reputation of these motors longevity is questionable. Anyone out there
one in the past or present?


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