[Vwdiesel] Happy sounding Diesels ? --( Do they exsist ? bet your ass )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Mar 26 11:49:13 EST 2004

I have listened to diesel from 1940  (9 April)  to today  26 mar 2004. Panzers Aircraft
trucks ships --- you name them.

I think the Hindenburg had the engine off or I would have heard that one too.

But one happy sounding diesel stands out like a Caruso in the operaworld.

Oldsmobile  Royale Brougham  ---- Now could that lady sing or what ? She was
a peppy chic non smoker.    V8 diesel.----but you would never know.  (for at least a month).

If you really understand what I am writing --- let it sink in ---and it does have "Beef" -- to be found.

If you think I am advocating that beginners can solve all their problems by twisting the pump
all over hell------ read it again. You will find the place where I said " if you are unsure
of yourself go the dial route. "

So I say it again -- if you cant tell the fat lady is off key ---do not turn the pump according
to Hillbilly tuning procedures.(who knows maybe your hearing aid battery is out of poop)

But for the rest of you (99.9%) listen , a motor is always talking to you , and it pays to 

Now can a diesel sound like shit at idle , and still be ok ??? yes but not any of the
diesels mentioned in Hillbilly tuning.

And a note for the Mallahat kid --remember the VW is a HIGH speed diesel
and it does not like lugging. ---So gear down.

Anyone here that can't tell an ignition miss in a gasjob ? by sound. ? curse of the
carbon conductor ignition cables.   Mark Shepherd -- I know you know about sound,
tell them. A good cedar stick in the ear and you are like your doctor  .with his stethoscope.

Exhaustleak noise ?   Piece of cake . A small diameter hose in the ear and Bingo.

Got a valve with not enough of clearance ? listen to the exhaust pipe  ---no way you 
can miss it.

I am working on a movie " The sound of Diesels "    Rudolf you must be in Heaven so
give me a sign. PLease Please.


PS: does crappy fuel make some diesels sound crappy ? you got it first hand
right here. 743 Bobcat that purred like a kitten from day one.One fillup of shitty shell
and I thought it was mechanical problem.Pumped out shitty fuel , and put in good fuel
and she has purred ever since. So you can't tell ?  
The cat sounded bad and smoked like hell.

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