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This is a fun thing to me --- or I'd belong in the loony bin.
I drive a 1984 Rabbit "Bondo Queen"   ----  if we were to count the
hours at 50 dollars pr hour . I could be driving a brand new Silver Cloud.

Many years ago when I first started playing seriously with Rudolf's invention,
I made an "Operating room" downstairs.   Complete with a top op the line
operating table.(a real screwup)
Across the highway lives a friend of mine "A medical surgeon" So many times when
we have beer I keep jabbing him a little , saying   ---  They bring em in to your
operating room alive , and take em out dead.They bring em in to mine dead ,
and they leave ready to do the Olympics.

The sign here say "DIESELDOCTOR" is in.   a bit arrogant ? maybe --- too pretentious ?
you judge.

It is difficult to argue in face of PERFORMANCE ---- so IF the answer is 2 cycle oil or 
ATF or syn or coolant safe for the critters ?   you will never hear me argue. I always
go back to scurvy and LIMIES: as an example.Or hows about moldy bread ? -saving your

The hummers are nesting here ,so it is time to fire up the test engine on the
plywood in the driveway. What did I learn last year ?  running that engine.
The VW water--eh cooling circulation pump is the lowest outlet  pressure
pump I ever saw.So keep your Radiator clean.And do not expect if to
FORCE out airpockets.------ experiments will go on  --and may be posted.
A super example of Hillbilly knowledge is that gained from putting out a gasoline
fire with a bottle of Nitro. If you never seen it ---- then if you ever do , it will blow
your mind. Funny thing is it does not need to be in contact with the fire ---the shockwave
seems to do it. My mission here is to show --the have Not's (and cheapscates)  -- that alternative
medicine for your rabbit is around.All you have to do is look for it.

One thing I learned last year ? --was not to go by the VW dash gauge if you suspect
overheating. Keep a cool head.


PS:   Diesel Chiropractor ?  you say  OK.

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