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I do as Gavrrik does.

--- Gavrik Peterson <gavrik at cablespeed.com> wrote:
> The current 'Golf eating rear wheel bearings'
> discussions has inspired
> me to ask some questions which have been on my mind
> for years.
> The Robert Bentley manual covers the procedure for
> adjusting the rear
> wheel bearings.  They state:
> (3) Install the thrust washer and the nut. Tighten
> the nut until the
> bearings just contact their outer races.
> (4) Adjust the position of the nut until you can
> just move the thrust
> washer sideways with the tip of a screwdriver as
> shown in Fig 8-5.
> Figure 8-5 shows a hand holding a screwdriver with
> the index finger
> extended and pressing on the shank out near the
> blade.  It appears
> that the trust washer is being moved without the
> screwdriver being
> levered against the break drum.
> When adjusting the rear bearings, I always get the
> impression that if
> I am able to move the thrust washer in this way,
> that the bearings are
> too loose.  For this reason I have always tightened
> the bearing
> somewhat more, so that leverage was required to move
> the thrust washer
> with a screwdriver.
> What is the proper way to do this??
> Gavrik Peterson
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