[Vwdiesel] Hole In Thermostat ?

Gavrik Peterson gavrik at cablespeed.com
Sun Mar 28 03:44:29 EST 2004

>Although it's a small hole, coolant does go through it.  These engines
>don't put out a lot of heat so if it's zero out, and you're running across >town, you lose enough heat to affect how much heat you get from the heater.

What you are saying is, that if it is cold enough, the engine is
unable to keep itself up to normal temperature.  Under these
conditions the job of the thermostat is to prevent any flow through
the radiator. A hole in the thermostat would allow some flow and would
makes the situation somewhat worse.

>It goes out the little circulation hose that exits the top of the radiator 
>and goes into the top of the reservoir.

Woops, I forgot about that hose.

Ok.  Thanks to all who commented, once again, I have been straightened

Gavrik Peterson

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