[Vwdiesel] 180 off on pump? (was head gasket - black smoke)

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Sun Mar 28 12:12:44 EST 2004

  There's a hole in the pump pulley that will line up with a hole in the
mounting bracket when it's in the correct position to match the cam and
crank. There's a special pin you can buy to place in there or a certain
Craftsman deep socket is supposed to fit nice and tight as well.

 Following is some snippets on the subject from my archives. Thanks to those
who contributed!

The 7/16, 1/4" drive Craftsman socket does indeed fit, however, I've
found that using a 1/4" drive older style Craftsman 11mm deep results in an
even tighter fit.  There's less than .005" slop.  25 years ago, I took
that socket out of circulation, and keep it for setting injector pumps.
I don't have a loose pump sprocket hanging around, but if you want, I could
at least mic the socket.  Advise if you want me to do so.

My Mastercraft 13mm deep socket works great - it's a tiny bit loose, so I
wrapped one layer of electrical tape around it, then jam it in, and it holds

I used a ¼" drive x 7/16 deep socket 12 point Craftsman



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> I'm thinking somehow I could be 180 degrees off on the timing.
> With both cam lobes up, flywheel at TDC, how should I check if I'm 180 off
on the pump?
> I was going to hook up an injector to line #1, and hand crank the engine
to see if it spurts at the right time.
>  Any other techniques?

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