[Vwdiesel] Crankshaft Sprocket Wear Gavrik Peterson

Gavrik Peterson gavrik at cablespeed.com
Sun Mar 28 23:20:53 EST 2004

>>Gavrik asked :
>>Is it common knowledge among diesel people that this is a bad >>practice?

>Common I don't know ---but I am sure glad you mentioned it. My 1982 1.6 is running without cover.

I ended up replacing the crankshaft sprocket because there was too
much wear for such a critical part.  The camshaft and pump sprocket
showed some wear but it was way less so they should be fine.  In the
future I am going to run with that cover on.

>To hold pulley if you are scrapping it ??? piece of cake  , a >pipewrench with extension and a breaker bar.

I built a tool so I can reef on that 14mm bolt without rotating the
engine.  The tool is made out a piece of mild steel 1/4" thick, 2"
wide and around 22" in length.  One end has a clearance hole
surrounded by four holes that allow it to be bolted to the face of the
sprocket with cap screws.  Works good.

Gavrik Peterson

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