[Vwdiesel] ITS ALIVE!! (& leaky injectors)

cass iscass at shaw.ca
Sun Mar 28 23:46:40 EST 2004

wanted to thank everyone for all the help and support thus far.
this is very much THE most extensive re-build ive ever done //
so..today..after a few cranks ..it fired right up..ran rough till i bled her
but she ran and eventually i  drove it a lil up n down the driveway!!
re torque went well..better then i thought it might.
its  a little gutless right yet ..slow to respond)..but thats soon to be seen to ;o)
and its idle is a little off kilter..but..
 will leave it till injectors are sorted out..

which leads me to a  question..a couple of my new injectors are leaking like crazy
from where the hard fuel line connects to them .
snugged them up good..no change..fuel literally running out.

i have another set of lines i will try..is Teflon tape a bad no no? :oD
thinking that the new injectors and old lines just didn't come together well?

IT RUNS.. :o)
clattery clattery..cassie

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