[Vwdiesel] ITS ALIVE!! (& leaky injectors)

Will Taygan william at taygan.com
Mon Mar 29 15:47:49 EST 2004

To (hopefully) fix leaky injector lines:

Unscrew the metal fuel lines from the injectors, then push the metal lines into place on the injectors while
holding the nut away from the threads so you can see that you have it all lined up right.  Press down on the
lines to hold them in place as you finger tighten the nuts, then use the ol' 17mm to torque them..  This should
clear up the worst of your problem.  DON'T OVERTIGHTEN!

Will Taygan
Concrete, WA

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> Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] ITS ALIVE!!  (& leaky injectors)
> From: "gary" <gbangs at cfl.rr.com>
> Date: Mon, March 29, 2004 5:43 am
> To: "cass" <iscass at shaw.ca>
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> No sealant on the threads what so ever!
> The leakers that I have had were due to the conical end of the hard
> pipe
> not lining up and fitting into the cup shape of the injector. The hard
> line catches on the edge of the injector, and the nut will not cover
> all
> (well, most) of the injector threads as they normally do.
> I these cases, I'll pull the nut up some, line up and push the cone
> into
> the cup by holding the hard line up at the first bend, then spin the
> nut
> down. It should practically fully engage all of the injector threads
> by
> hand. Only need to final torque the nut with a flare-nut wrench.
> Congratulations!
> I know it gives me great satisfaction to have my own work come to
> life.
> -Gary
> On Sun, 2004-03-28 at 23:42, cass wrote:
> > hey..
> > wanted to thank everyone for all the help and support thus far.
> > this is very much THE most extensive re-build ive ever done //
> > so..today..after a few cranks ..it fired right up..ran rough till i
> bled her
> > but she ran and eventually i  drove it a lil up n down the
> driveway!!
> > re torque went well..better then i thought it might.
> > its  a little gutless right yet ..slow to respond)..but thats soon to
> be seen to ;o)
> > and its idle is a little off kilter..but..
> >  will leave it till injectors are sorted out..
> > 
> > which leads me to a  question..a couple of my new injectors are
> leaking like crazy
> > from where the hard fuel line connects to them .
> > snugged them up good..no change..fuel literally running out.
> > 
> > i have another set of lines i will try..is Teflon tape a bad no no?
> :oD
> > thinking that the new injectors and old lines just didn't come
> together well?
> > 
> > 
> > IT RUNS.. :o)
> > yaaahhh 
> > clattery clattery..cassie
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