[Vwdiesel] injector lines.

Nate Wall natewall1 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 29 21:31:29 EST 2004

I replaced a damaged steel fuel lie w/ a used one once
and the used one had smaller holes on both ends,
appeared to be the result of the manufacturing
process.  I took a small drill bit and drilled them
out a bit, and ended up being a little bigger than the
other three. The excess metal was right at the very
ends of the line. Worked great! I think I cleaned the
line out using WD-40 with the little red plastic straw
on the can (about 10 shots!).  Works fine. Go for it!

--- cass <iscass at shaw.ca> wrote:
> hi..
> ok..so  after trying the 'tighten a lil more'
> technique...i pulled the injector lines to had a
> closer look...
> ...after inspecting injector lines i can see a 'lip'
> on the part that is supposed to 
> 'sit' in the injector.
> so..
> with my clean ,tiny tools (was a silver/goldsmith in
> past life ;o)  )
> i got rid of that lip..
> but i noticed all the holes are different sizes(in
> the lines)
> would it be bad of me to drill them out?
> are they supposed to be different sizes?
> waiting with drill in hand....  :o)
> (cleaning lines well afterwards ,of course!!)
> thanks..
> cassie
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