[Vwdiesel] injector lines. --- ( you got my attention )

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Subject: injector lines. --- ( you got my attention ) 

 The "Holes"  I have here  --- more than 200  --- all look very professional.

Just now I took a look at 10 holes using an eye loupe  X 4  and they
all looked fine  --- they are from a 1.5 L .

The textbook say lines should be identical lengths for all cylinders and
of accurate inside dimension.   No sharp kinks or flattening.

So  -- to the goldmongerer I say start your drill. You can change lines later if needed.

Use your small torch and some low temp silver solder to repair.  If need be.

How many leakers are we talking about ???


PS:  Use Gold not Silver .       LOL.

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