[Vwdiesel] Heat Shield Replacement -- ( I was trained by Loren and team )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Mar 30 11:47:57 EST 2004

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Thanks to you fellas  ---Hagar now fully understand --The need to change he=
atshields---every time an injector is installed.  And how thin the metal on=
 the HEAD is   ---around the injector   (Thread)   ----make sure to use  pr=
oper tool    T bar or impactwrench.  -----Thanks again.      PS:  I got 4 N=
EW shields----dimple is it.

That was then ---  look at me know --- many many shields later.

Now I redimple using a  small socket and a big ballbearing ball and squeeze carefully in
a press or vise.

Then , when the Rabbits is fully "TUNED"  I install brand new shields.

It was surprising how brittle some of the shields were ---- maybe a special alloy.

Use a new one as a comparison , to avoid dimpling too much ---- inspect for cracks before

I use a meat skewer stick to make sure they end up right side up --- works like a charm.
The skewer will pick up glowplug nuts from black hole , as well.


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