[Vwdiesel] New oil standards for TDI PD motor, VW 505.01

82 Diesel Westy dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 30 13:31:21 EST 2004

OK, I need to do the first oil change on my new Jetta
Wagon.  I am having no luck finding this standard of
oil in US.  Castrol and Havoline make it according to
their web sites but 2 auto parts places I deal with
can not find it at their suppliers.

Any idea where I can get Castrol GTD 505 01 SAE 5W-40
or the Havoline equivalent?

>From the list reads I am doing, I don't want to use
anything else, pure synthetic, but looks like I only
need to change every 10K, VW says 5K?
Of course I can buy it at the VW parts counter because
they are importing it from Europe.

Texas TDI?  any idea's

Bryan Belman, Pt Pleasant, NJ
04 Jetta Wagon TDI PD, 100hp, 5sp
82 Westfalia Diesel, 1.9L NA hybrid, under body restoration & engine re-work
90 Audi 200, 2.2L Turbo FWD
70 Type 1 Beetle

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