[Vwdiesel] max fuel adjustment

gary gbangs at cfl.rr.com
Tue Mar 30 20:56:49 EST 2004

Is this for a TD or NA?

For an NA,
The max fuel screw is the only adjustment. Turn inward to give more
fuel. Adjust to achieve a light grey haze in full sunlight.

For a TD,
!!! Disclaimer: Do not mess with the fuel screw unless you have an EGT

In this order:
1) Adjust max fuel screw to achieve desired EGT at full boost/full
load... about 1200*F

2) Adjust the smoke screw (on top of the boost aneroid) for no or low
smoke at no boost/full load(low rpm, floored) conditions.

3) Adjust the star nut (located inside, under the boost diaphragm,
accessible through the aneroid vent plug) CCW looking down upon the
aneroid for less smoke, CW for more smoke, when at partial boost, full
load. This changes the pre-load of the spring under the boost

There is an off-set inverted cone on the boost diaphragm shaft.
Sometimes this needs to rotated to give more or less fueling. I have
always set mine to max fueling (max pin movement). If this is adjusted,
you will need to start at step #1.

Good Luck!


On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 14:15, Will Taygan wrote:
> The question:
> Does the max fuel screw adjust fueling at all rpms?  At low rpms there's no smoke.  At high rpms smoke.  Is the
> fueling increased/decreased at the max end only or at idle as well?
> Thanks,
> Will Taygan
> Concrete, WA
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