[Vwdiesel] Fw: Glowplug soldering --( never under estimate a HILLBILLY )

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Wed Mar 31 13:51:53 EST 2004

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Subject: Glowplug soldering --( never under estimate a HILLBILLY )

Now I am not a REAL hillbilly  ---but I wear the name , like a badge of honor.

Derogative nonsense like that has been part of my life for 71 years.

First the JEW  --then the Polak ,wap,jap,nip,gook--  newfie --you name it.  But I had the
great luck of spending a few vacations in billy land ---and I met the most friendly
caring people one could meet anywhere.
So the most generous person I ever met ? ---A Jew--- Albert Delroy. And the smartest
person ?  ---A Polak ----Jan Sheruba. I could go on.

In Denmark ?  --- same thing   ---a Molbo was a dummie.

A glowplug makes a fine soldering iron in Death Valley --you need that AC  don't you ??.
The one I have in the trunk at all time is a  Wellman 6A477GO17   YH   Volt 11  Watt 95.   Fit a little piece of copper tubing as a tip , and there --you have a perfect pencil iron.   This one is 5 inches long. ,  but a VW one will do fine.   

Flux   Hillbilly style ??? ----Battery acid --Rosin off a tree ---grease . But I carry a piece
of rosin core and a piece of acid core ---so there.


PS:  Think --next time you call someone a Hillbilly ,---you may be insulting all Hillbillies.
and that Nigger may be an American .

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