[Vwdiesel] Injectors Bosch. ---( a little nozzle talk for beginners )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun May 2 15:50:52 EDT 2004

  Did you notice any change in fuel consumption or low rpm power with the 
1.5 nozzles in the 1.6?  
First let me say that I am delighted with the way she drives.
She is tuned for "Economy and no smoke" right now. Hillbilly
tuned ---that means backing off on fueling screw till a lack
of response takes place when pedal is abruptly pushed to the floor.
Push the pedal and no black smoke ---and she picks up much like
a turbine.
The mileage is astronomical right now , but is it nozzles ? or
a combination , I do not know.
I would not be able to drag any of you for sure. No peeling
rubber. But do I care ?  ---ha.
Hillbilly tuning for power is like this :  Black smoke must
be visible at full pedal.
Let me say it one more time , when I got this Bunny is was
like on nitro ---big clouds of smoke ---then Loren said pull 
the line to the Spaceship ---and BINGO things were under control.
It has been a ball of fun ever since. Never had so much fun 
with a car ever.That is one hell of a nice little diesel.But
BUT and BUT  she needs TLC . 
Judging from wear that I have seen so far ---these  buggers 
should be good for 500 000 plus miles before overhaul. 
Is it time "consuming"? not for me it ain't . Shit do you say
18 holes is time consuming ?----more fun than watching paint dry.
Does it take lots and lots of time ?   YES.
About the "snap" ? --- Loren I have little experience. But both
the 1.6 NA and the Turbo are happy with 1.5L NA nozzles. 
One of these day's I am going to write a love poem for a "Bunny".
--along the lines : She runs and runs and nary stops to drink .
PS: The sun is out --wow got a go.

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