[Vwdiesel] Residual volume

Ethan Vos ethan at forward.ca
Tue May 4 17:23:11 EDT 2004

Hello all.

I have a 92 Jetta TD that someone has really messed with. It took me a 
bit but I got the idle speed and the cold start figured out.

I think I understand how to set up the residual volume as per Bentley 
but still have a question.

On this car the throttle lever is comprised of two parts. There is an 
adjustment between the two parts consisting of a slotted hole. The 
current setup is with the bolt all the way to the left (from the driver 
seat) of the car.

What does the adjustment control?

What is the proper way to set it up?

I'll get to the timing next.

The car is a dog until about 2,200 rpm.

Thanks in advance.

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