[Vwdiesel] Toluene anyone?

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu May 6 12:51:07 EDT 2004

(me thinks
hagar will have fun with this one). dennis pantazis .

Dennis and all  ---this is right up my alley. And I am having FUN.

Great to read first hand accounts ---so if you read this and you have information
like James and Dennis  , please write.

Lorens idea of adding toluene to diesel is CRAZY  I agree ----BUT only at first
sight . He is on to something ---that only a test will sort out.

If anyone know the cetane number for  Heptane  let us know..

For the NEWBIES  the cetane is explained in archives.   , but to recap
Octane is a liquid Heptane is a liquid   Cetane is a liquid. and the numbers we
use are set by convention .Relative numbers chosen way back.
Octane rating is simple --it is tested by using a test engine.
Cetane number is found by using a test engine ---but is complicated.(Big oil say
cetane is 50  VW say bullshit it is 40.)     Do not believe big oil.

Give Hagar a 5 gallon can of the worst diesel in the world say 30 cetane. And BINGO next
thing the rabbit is humming like anything.   Procedure:  Freeze can in freezer.Freeze one
liter of ether and mix. Add ether to taste.

The cetane number for ether is very high way above 100  ---if anyone knows let us know.

The number for Cetane is 100.   Octane number for octane is 100..

What is octane number for Toluene ?         The octane rating for Heptane is  0 (zero).

Back to Lorens issue :  If a Lead compound works in gasoline --maybe we should look
for something that works for diesel-fuel. 

For gasoline the highest number is 100 that is 100% octane ---so what about 145 octane fuel ?
Enter the LEAD compounds. They screwed up the system. Likewise
maybe a chemical will be discovered that increases the cetane rating , but is not
combustible itself.   I am investigating if any of the chlorates of sodium or potassium
can be dissolved in fuel. I am testing Sodium Chlorate right now.

My gut feeling is that it will not dissolve. ------ a test will settle it.

Will I get more bangs for my dollar than required ?   LOL we shall hear.

What do Hagar think of adding two cycle oil as a =
lubricant in fuel ?-- not a lot--- it is the wrong thing to use   --- I meant it was too expensive
and it was high octane. -------  let me take that back and try again.

Using canning WAX ?   it is cheap  it improves cetane number and it is a superb lubricant
and it burns clean,. To use in New York ?  no problem  adjust the amount.And use Lube oil
when it is really cold outside.  OK  Val Christian ?.   Why did I not use Paraffin oil ? because
Esso will not sell it any more.(to me).
 Is that my share for today ? I think so. The weather here right now  06 may 2004  09: 38 is


PS: The wax stays liquid once it is dissolved ---depending of temperature.

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