[Vwdiesel] Hand lapping head --- ( hagar a lap ahead )

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sun May 9 01:00:49 EDT 2004

 You wanna watch the solid surface countertops- they are not flat
everywhere. Check them with a good machinist's ruler and a bright light.  I
know our granite ones run off a good ten thou in places, and stone only an
inch or so thick bends.  Good lapping technique would minimize that error,
but still it isn't necessarily flat because it's stone. The commercial grade
stuff is just abrasive wire sawn or gang sawn and polished so it's shiny,
not lapped flat like reference (toolroom) surface flats. Y'know, I have used
inch thick MDF for a flat lapping surface once...

Oh, and Hagar, you want Diatomaceous earth- that's bon ami without the soap.
Finer would be a cerium oxide powder.  I don't really go for the bon-ami
trick, but hey, whatever lights your fire...

> several sink
> cutouts from granite (hard to get flatter than that- a good
> reason to befriend
> countertop fellows- aptitude in homebrewing helps).

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