[Vwdiesel] main seal

cass iscass at shaw.ca
Sat May 15 21:52:09 EDT 2004

hi kids
well..im now driving my completely re-built jetta. (81na)
lotsa little bugz to work out ,as
i had never driven this car when i got it .
just got it as a seized wreck..
so..seems every thing i didnt replace needs replacing...as mentioned..heater core.
front wheel bearings..exhaust....BUT EVERYTHING ELTS IS NEW!!  :o)
ok. main seal... this lil brat is leaking a little.
typically leaves a toony(inch n a half) puddle on cardboard. after shut off.
it is now only leaving one drip..maybe two.
i had planned on replacing it tomorrow, but now a few people have told me they can 
sometimes seal themselves up.(mainseal..not people)
i have NEVER heard of this...thinking they worked or they didnt.
the crank was polished...not turned.
there is 125 kilometers  on the new/rebuilt motor.
should i wait another week..another 200 k?
or just do what i normally do if they leak..replace it.?
basically wondering it they *do*sometimes take time to seat?
its not loosing much oil..
trying to get myself a reason to not do this till next week... :o)

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