[Vwdiesel] Diesel Engine Life and Fuel Economy with Canola Based Fuel Additives

Wade Yorke wade at carsand.com
Mon May 17 22:23:47 EDT 2004

Here is a link (pdf file) to an interesting study done at the 
University of Saskatchewan where dramatic wear reduction and mileage 
increases were obtained using a canola based lubricating additive in 
diesel fuel.  I have started using Stanadyne cetane improver 
(Performance Formula), and Lubricity Formula.  Much less smoke at 
startup and the engine runs much smoother.  1.9 liter jug  (part # 
31845) of Performance Formula is about $50 CDN and will treat 960 
liters (they claim 5 point cetane gain and up to 8% improved mileage).  
  Lubricity Formula (470 ml part # 32174) is for long term wear 
reduction and since it costs only about $12 CDN to treat 480 liters I 
figured I couldn't go wrong.  With the present low sulphur fuels and 
even lower ones coming in 2006, there are bound to be wear problem 
unless the refineries add lubrication at source.


Wade Yorke
1984 Westfalia 1.9TD

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