[Vwdiesel] updates on dead TDIs

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Sun May 23 20:33:46 EDT 2004

Well, I just got in from working on the 2000 TDI.  Not good.  Not good 
at all.  I pulled the valve cover, pointed both #1 lobes up and no 
timing mark was to be seen on the flywheel.  Really hard to find TDC by 
youself, btw.  In addition, I found little pieces of one of the lifters 
floating around.  All pounded flat and broken.  Needless to say, the 
camshaft isn't in the best shape either.  I am curious, however, that 
none of the other lifters or lobes seem damaged.  So, at this point, I'm 
sort of starting to worry about what a new head costs.  I really can't 
afford that right now.  I spent all my spare money on this car with the 
idea of not having to spend money on parts for the old one.  I haven't 
pulled the head so I don't know exactly what happened.  Maybe I got 
super lucky and it just ate one valve and lifter and the cam and I can 
jus replace those.  Not real likely, eh?

My mind is also turning to the shop that changed my timing belt.  The 
timing belt was looser than I'd normally feel comfortable with and I am 
finding loose bolts among the things that would have been removed when 
replacing the timing belt.  I haven't found the marks on the tensioner 
that show when it's tight yet, but I think it's not going to be in the 
proper place. 

I'm trying to figure out how to approach this with the shop.  Mainly, 
I'm going to really need my ducks in a row.  I will need to 
incontestably demonstrate that the timing destroyed the head and not 
that the head self-destructed and jumped time in the process.  The bit 
about only one lifter being destroyed is somewhat detrimental to this 
line of argument. 

I swear, that will be the last time I take anything to get fixed 
anywhere other than my driveway. 

At this point, I'm gathering opinions and will stew on them until 
Tuesday afternoon when I'll go in.


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