[Vwdiesel] '82 diesel vanagon overheating

Erik Lane erikjlane at yahoo.com
Sun May 23 21:45:26 EDT 2004

if much of the coolant leaked out you could have an
airlock in the radiator. in a vanagon the top of the
radiator is considerably higher than the rest of the
system so air will tend to collect there. get enough
and it can cause problems. there's a bleed screw up on
the top of the radiator on one of the sides. if i
remember right it's on the passenger side, but it's
been a few years since i've had mine going. :( too
many projects, too little time.

good luck!
--- Harmon Seaver <hseaver at cybershamanix.com> wrote:
>    I just got my '82 diesel westy going after
> sitting all Winter, was going to
> leave today for a camping trip, but the battery had
> died (it was marginal
> anyway, and overdue for replacing) so after charging
> it overnight I went and
> bought a new one. Also got a new valvecover gasket
> and put that in to stop a
> leak there.
>    So I had it sitting in the driveway idling for
> awhile, just to check whether
> the VC gasket leak was really fixed, and was
> puttering around getting the
> camping stuff ready, when I noticed the temp gauge
> way over the center
> mark. Never saw it there before. I had driven it
> around a bit yesterday and it
> never got up to full center, but then it never does.
> I shut it off and heard
> boiling noises in the rear, so started it up again
> and turned on the heat, but
> no heat came out of the heater, so I shut the engine
> down. It boiled out a bit
> from the resevoir tank, probaly a quart or two. 
>    I felt the radiator as best I could sticking my
> hand in thru the grill --
> didn't feel warm. What gives? 
>    Once thing I noticed that was odd a couple of
> months ago -- there was some
> coolant leaking out the rear by the tank, couldn't
> really tell where from, and
> then it stopped just as mysteriously as it started.
> The camper was parked at a
> fairly good slant with the nose up all Winter. When
> I checked coolant level the
> other day before starting it, it seemed fine.
>     Could the slanted parking have done something
> weird? It was parked in the
> same place the Winter before too, but at least some
> of the time it was nose
> down. 
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