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Well Canadian Tire in Renfrew just built a new store and they had plans to
install a dyne.  The idea was scrapped.  Either they had info or they are
just anticipating the inevitable.

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> >In these archives you can find a lot of techniques for getting that
> sticker.A VW diesel
> >can be tuned for minimum smoke no matter how worn and old.All Rabbits
> smoked
> >like crazy when they arrived --------they all gave up smoking after a few
> years.
> >
> In the urban part of ontario the sniff test is a joke (they never got
> to rigging the dyno for small diesels)
> The inspector checks under the hood for misplaced emission control hoses
> devices (there aren't any), checks the fuel filler cap (not vented), then
> sits on a milk crate at the back of the car and measures the tailpipe with
> caliper, then proceeds to watch the exhaust for 5 minutes at idle.
> If it puffs smoke for no more than 5 seconds in each of the 5 minutes he
> watches, it passes.
> No "power on" test
> These laws only apply in the "Urban" areas of Ontario, and the government
> has hinted it will be dumping the program just before the next election.
> Sandy
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