[Vwdiesel] dead TDI progress

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu May 27 20:14:05 EDT 2004

And I can't think of but two reasons why the engine could jump time:  

"Jump Time"   lets define.     The reference point must be the crankshaft. It is
always correct.    That is, the TDC mark is correct but the sprocket can slip.

The camshaft sprocket can shift .   The pump sprocket can shift.

And the belt can jump  on sprockets.

IMHO  the most likely "mistake" is a loose sprocket bolt on camshaft.

Put a torque wrench on and tighten to 35 foot lbs. If anything moves it was
not tightened properly after belt change.

I do mine up to 45 lbs.  but not to screw up you guys , do it according to Bentley.

It is a taper and too much torque may split the sprocket.

My suggestion to all of you ---- mark the shaft and sprocket so you can backtrack
later to know for sure if sprocket slipped on shaft.    Looks to me we have to go
DIY -------.?


PS:  I got smart to this problem thanks to Val Christian and Mark Shepherd.
when I saw the keyslot on shaft --I figgered that it was keyed.--took it apart no key.

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