[Vwdiesel] Oh-Oh...First winter **** up!

rod welch rod.welch at kolumbus.fi
Mon Nov 8 04:48:33 EST 2004

Hello all...  Thought I need to ask the crew a few specifics before digging
in the archives...
Transporter 1.6,(no turbo) 1983, 350 000km.
Late last night we left to drive my wife to the railway station (about
100kms) and as we were leaving I noticed the oil light didn't quite go off
(first time this has happend)... Knew there's a garage about 5km away to get
some oil, halfway there the light went out, we stopped for oil, they didn't
have any left, so as the light was off and only had to do another 12km to
the next garage, we carried on. About 7km down the road the temp went
through the roof, warning light flashing and the back of the van was like a
sauna...! The top hose had split, (between expansion tank and head and rest
of system) this is a nasty, expensive looking, multi directional piece of

And so to my first question... If I make up a T from copper pipe to replace
the junctions in the main hose will the anti-freeze do weird things? (this
is one for the chemists)

And second question... What happend? When I checked it this morning, (don't
ask how I got it home...) the oil level was fine? It wasn't that cold.
(round about freezing) Replaced the water pump and belts last year.
There has been more and more crap in the coolant this past year and the
expansion tank I replaced in the summer, 'cos the old one split, is now
really black and greasy on the inside...

So what next... should I really pull the head off before it goes completely?
No power or smoke problems... Still does 110km/h on the flat and 60 up hill
(8% over 2km). If I do pull the head, what else should I do while I'm in

Thanks for being here....



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