[Vwdiesel] DIY talk for beginners ---( learn a trick a day )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Nov 14 11:52:49 EST 2004

To be really kind to a Rabbit ?   learn at least a trick a day  ---  today ?   Nozzles
and and ----    you got it.

I have to learn a NEW Language  (english)    so a word a day is great. See Vals thread.

I did a LOT of fixing on Louannes    Honda Prelude. -  Japan can be proud of that year
of Prelude  ---  nice workmanship.(GM and Ford should blush)

Bart Wineland   I am not ready to give up on you just yet .    Take the fueling screw all
the way out.    And get a good look at it. (It will help you shake Pump phobia)

It has a small o ring    so lubricate a bit when putting it back in. Then count the turns
max min  .   we have about 5 turns maximum   adjustment.     Schew it all the way in
and then back it off about 3.5 turns.    If you can not back it off so that POWER deteriorates ?
You need a new pump. (very unlikely).     IMHO   your problem is TUNING.
And like I said in your case a pressure test of pump is essential (piece of cake) .


PS :  Thanks VAL   ---language  and Physics from Doyt (my favorite subject)
gives me a LOT of pleasure.
NIFTY tools ?   Look up James Hansen and Sandy Cameron and hagar   and more.

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